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Dermalogica Treatments

Dermalogica is an advanced skincare range. “One of the world’s leading Skincare Brands, offering treatments 100% customised to suit your skin needs”. Dermalogica is the skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Known worldwide as the “professionals choice” Dermalogica’sformulas have pioneered new standards for products performance. Using only the finest ingredients available. All dermalogica products are non-comedogenic (nonpore blocking) and contain no mineral oil or lanolin, no artificial colours or fragrance, and no drying S.D.alcohol.

Proskin30® Treatment (30 mins)

Want a professional skin treatment but short on time? Get on the spot solutions with Pro Skin 30 treatment. We’ll address your top skin concern with our exclusive Dermalogica treatment-the quick fix for troubled skin This treatment is a firm favourite with those who have 30 minutes want visible results and great value. 

Dermalogica proskin30® Treatment at Beauty Secrets

Proskin60® Treatment (60 mins)

The Dermalogica skin treatment is 100% customised to your skins needs based on a consultation and a thorough Zone by Zone Face mapping, skin analysis, making it one treatment that is different every time! Totally designed to meet your needs. Each treatment includes professional double cleansing, skin resurfacing extractions (if needed), Massage, Masque and skin protection.The ultimate treatment different every time. 

Dermalogica Proskin60® Treatment at Beauty Secrets Ireland

Ultracalming Facial (60 mins)

This treatment is designed specifically to soothe irritated, inflamed skin. It instantly calms redness, sensitivity flare-ups and inflammation. We will adapt your treatment to suit your skin sensitivity levels. Ideal for sensitive skin. Our expert therapists gently cleanse the skin and exfoliate which is then followed by an ultra-calming mask which soothes and repairs even the most fragile damaged skin.
Dermalogica Ultracalming Facial at Beauty Secrets

Age Smart Facial (60 mins)

Powerful dermalogica treatment for prematurely ageing, dry, undamaged skin. Concentrating on reducing the appearance of tired aging skin. A powerful vitamin exfoliator helps to smooth fine lines & wrinkles while diminishing Dark Age spots. Gives the skin a more youthful appearance.

Dermalogica Age Smart Facial Beauty Secrets

Medibac/Purifying Facial (60 mins)

A relaxing yet effective Facial this works to treat breakouts and prevent adult acne. This deep cleansing Facial for oil –rich skin. It will aid the elimination of blocked pores, neutralise impurities and reduce skin sensitivity. Skin will feel smoother & healthier.

Dermalogica Medibac/Purifying Facial at Beauty Secrets

Mini Facial/Teenage Facial (30 mins)

This complete Facial achieves max results, with a perfect blend of power, cleansing and a customised mask. Does not include massage. The 30 –Minute’s express skin treatment can help to firm the skin and improve hydration offering the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Dermalogica Mini Facial/Teenage Facial

Dermalogica Pro Power Eye Peel (45 mins)

New Pro Power Eye Peel is a concentrated eye patch that brightens the under eye skin, helps even skin tone and texture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful yet gentle eye peel features ingredients that encourage cell turnover- resulting in an epidermal renewal similar to Glycolic or mandelic acid.

Dermalogica Eye Peel

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